Contingency Compliance
In the past, if a competitor wanted to claim a contingency, a Contingency Form had to be filled out at the track for each contingency program. For 2021 and beyond we are implementing a new and improved contingency compliance process. Exedy’s contingency program will all be done on-line in this website.

Register Your Team
Once you are registered and your profile has been set up you will be able to log in and submit your request for contingency points and payouts. When submitting requests the system will ask for details such as name, address, phone, email, W9 form, photos of the vehicle and proof of purchase of Exedy products.

Decal Placement
To be compliant you must have at least 2 EXEDY decals on your vehicle. Approved placement locations are shown in our logo guide. (See decal placement diagram here)

Image/Media Submissions
The pictures must clearly show the EXEDY decals. You must have geotagging enabled on their smart device in order for us to know that the pictures were indeed taken at the particular event and location. We recommend taking the pictures of your car at the start of the race weekend showing all required decals. Pictures taken after the event will not be accepted as proof of contingency program compliance.

Approved Race Events
The registered Exedy racing participants are encouraged to race their vehicle in the approved sanctioned race events listed on our events page. These events are the events EXEDY will pay contingency payouts for. If you believe we should add more events you can request the event to be added here.

In an effort to show its support for the car enthusiasts that purchase our product, Exedy has developed a contingency program that will allow you to receive payouts for simply attending approved sanctioned events. In order to qualify for these payouts, the following qualifications must be met:

Customers in USA must complete and submit a W-9 form.
Racer/team must purchase/use Exedy products. Date of purchase must be within last two years. (Proof of purchase required when claiming contingency)

Place at least 2 supplied decals or approved artwork decals on race vehicle (email proof with photos)
Take four (4) pictures of your car with your smart device at the track and before the competition session you plan to claim contingency for.

After the event, you will submit up to 4 pictures with your contingency redemption request.

Notify us of any podium finishes. We DO NOT follow all the races and keep track. Tag @exedyusa @exedylatinamerica #exedyusa #exedyclutch #paid2podium in posts of your race vehicle, team or build.

There will be only one claim per car, per person, per invoice for approved events on any given single day. (Ex. Two people that drive the same vehicle, only one of the drivers will be awarded contingency payout)

These items MUST be filled out on-line within 2 weeks of attending the event.

Overall, we are looking for unique athletes who represent themselves and their sport in a professional manner. For either program, you must have an active social media presence through which to promote yourself and Exedy.

Due to the high number of events that take place throughout the season, it is the responsibility of the contingency participant to notify Exedy USA of any applicable earnings. Please contact the contingency department for additional details: [email protected]