Approved EXEDY logos are shown below. If you do not want to use the decals that are included in your clutch kit you may download the logo packs below and have custom EXEDY logos produced.


EXEDY has strict logo color guidelines for our branding. Logos on the vehicles will have to be in the following color variations. See guideline examples below.

EXEDY logo can always be used in the traditional EXEDY colors. If a white outline is required that is approved as well.

EXEDY Logo can be any 1 color of your choice but must be the same color throughout. See logo above for reference.

Showing the EXEDY logo in two alternating colors that are not the EXEDY traditional colors is not allowed. See example above.


EXEDY encourages contingency participants to use the approved decal placements from the diagram below. The participating vehicle must have at least 2 decals showing. One on each side is required.